We Help Modern Veterinarians Do Practical, Best-Practice Medicine.

BAR VETS is a vet owned and run Australian veterinary community founded in 2014. Founder Simon Wai-Shing started out by creating a forum for veterinarians. After talking to many veterinarians, it became clear vets wanted easy to use, quick, practical resources with actionable advice. This is when BAR VETS Magazine was born. 


BAR VETS Magazine

BAR VETS Magazine is a go-to digital source of information to help vets accelerate their insight and knowledge of this fast-paced, dynamic field, in a succinct, high-quality way. We are at the forefront of current veterinary information, providing our readers with the content they need to become empowered and more confident in what they do.

From cheat sheets to look things up quickly, templates, info on common diseases, drugs, and protocols, to general practice information that can actively be applied, our focus is on providing as much useful material as possible, without the hassle of time-consuming research.

It's convenient, easily digestible, insightful and helpful: the ultimate resource for modern vets and veterinary nurses across Australia.


Our Mission is to enable every veterinarian to make the greatest difference.

Our Values:

  1. Be bold, innovate and make impact
  2. Be World Class
  3. Come from heart - Be kind, respectful, empathetic and humble
  4. We strive for the simple not the complex
  5. Make it happen - be outcome orientated
  6. Always grow
  7. Have integrity in everything we do
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