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    Animal Welfare – One Welfare, Doglogbook and Everyday Ethical Challenges 

      In today’s society there is much greater awareness of animal welfare issues. Veterinarians are trusted leaders in animal care and with that comes a responsibility for us to be animal welfare advocates. We spoke to Paul McGreevy, Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science at the University of...

    The 6 Best and Worst Things You Can Do When Working With Other Vets

    The things all working vets need to know Do's.... Be Flexible Remember there is always more than one way to do just about everything in veterinary science. Even routine procedures like speys have as many different techniques as there are vets. The most successful work environments are always ones where there...
  The Vet Life is a blog about anything "Veterinarian".  We like having different veterinarians contributing articles to get a good variety of opinions, advice, experiences, stories and information. If you have an idea for an article or have something you would like to share with everyone or if you know someone you think we should ask to write a piece, send us an email to
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